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Charge Conference Schedule

posted on August 16

2019-2020   District Charge Conference
Harrison County, Leader: Ted Beam
Date:  Sunday, September 29
Place:  Cynthiana First
Time:  3:00 Worship and Charge Conference
Benson:  Greg Olmsted
Curry:  Greg Olmsted
Cynthiana Ebenezer:  Kenneth Newby
Cynthiana Elmarch:  Kelli Sorg
Cynthiana First:  Ted Beam, Esther Coy
Lair:  Terry McDuffey
Mt. Hope:  Lloyd Arnold
Mt. Pleasant:  Jerry Watkins
Wagoner’s Chapel:  Jerry Watkins

Fleming County, Leader:  Jeff Lambert
Date:  Sunday, October 6
Place:  Flemingsburg First
Time:  4:00 Worship and Charge Conference
Fleminsburg First:  Jeff Lambert
Hillsboro:  Rick Souder
Poplar Plains:  Rick Souder
Ringo’s Mill:  Rick Souder
Mt. Tabor:  Greg Grimes
Nepton:  Adam Gulley
Ramey’s Chapel:  Jessie Hickerson Jr.
Shiloh:  Jim Doughton
Goddard:  Jim Doughton
Lee’s Chapel:  Greg Williams
Tilton:  Gail Skaggs
Wallingford:  Cindy Baker
Nicholas County, Leader:  Rocky and Denise Wallace
Barterville:  Jerry Eubanks
Oakland Mills:  Jerry Eubanks
Carlisle:  Rocky and Denise Wallace
Headquarters:  Kevin Kinghorn
Saltwell:  Kevin Kinghorn
Moorefield:  Gaylord Gillispie
Rosehill:  Richard Gardner 
Campbell/Pendleton, Leader:  Brian Wilson
Date:  Wednesday, October 9
Place:  Falmouth
Time:  7:00  Worship and Charge Conference
Boyd:  Tom Rector
Butler:  Ron Schwarberg
Concord:  Ron Schwarberg
California: Jennings Barnett
Carter’s Chapel:  Bev Ketron
Carthage:  Darin Gary
Falmouth:  Brian Wilson
Melbourne: Ken Clift
Morning View:  Nick Jaymes
Neave:  Gary Tucker
New Columbus:  Jeff Moore
Hinton:  Jeff Moore
Oakland:  Sam McConkey
Pine Grove:  David Hartkopf
Bracken/Robertson/W. Mason, Leader: Michael Sweeney
Date: Sunday, October 13
Place:  Washington
Time:  4:00  Worship and Charge Conference
Brooksville:  Michelle Nelson
Concord:  Philip McMurrin
Germantown:  Kevin Courtney
Salem:  Kevin Courtney
Mt. Olivet First:  Jim Finch
Neave:  Gary Tucker
Piqua/Foster’s Chapel:  Lee Doyle
Sardis:  Mike Rice
Foreman’s Chapel:  Mike Rice
Shannon:  Mike McArter
Bethel:  Mike McArter
Washington:  Michael Sweeney
Boone/Kenton/Grant, Leader:  Barry Robinson
Date:  Wednesday, October 16
Place: Willimstown
Time:  7:00 Worship and Charge Conference
Burlington:  Rich Caldwell
Dean Memorial:  Bill Moore
Faith Community:  Musial Pearson
Jonesville:  Chuck Britt
Mt. Pisgah:  Chuck Britt
Oddville:  Roger Wallace
Staffordsburg:  Kristi Stricker
Walton:  Bill Conatser
Warsaw:  Darrell Maines
Williamstown:  Barry Robinson
Trimble/Carroll/Owen, Leader:  Devin Olachea
Date:  Sunday, October 20
Place:  Carrollton
Time:   4:00   Worship and Charge Conference
Bedford:  Megann Nyman
Carrollton:  Devin Olachea
Drury’s Chapel:  Jeff Crites
Hickory Grove:  Jacob “Jake” Nyman
Milton:  Michael Farmer
Mt. Carmel (Trimble):  Diane Reistroffer
Owenton First:  Richard Miles
East Mason, Leader:  Jim Fant
Date:  Wednesday, October 23
Place:  Maysville Seddon
Time:   7:00   Worship and Charge Conference
Augusta Trinity:  Johnny Sebastian
Maysville Central:  Mark Wilson
Maysville Scott:  Claude Commodore
Maysville Seddon:  Elizabeth Smith
Maysville Trinity:  Jim Fant
Minerva:  Paul Hammond
Olivet:  Kent Moore
Orangeburg:  Garland Hawkins
Large Church, Leader:  Susan Jinnett-Sack
Date:  Sunday, October 27th
Place:  Asbury
Time: 4:00   Worship and Charge Conference
Alexandria:  David Harting
Asbury:  Phil Hogg
Erlanger:  Andrew Singh
Florence First:  David Grout
Highland Ft. Thomas:  John Bowling
Immanuel:  Kelly McClendon
      -Chad Brandt, Boone Campus
      -Drew Oakley
      -Joe Boone
River Basin, Leader:  Larry Karow
Covington Epworth: Kevin Messer, Gina Cornelius
Covington Trinity:  Larry Karow
Eggleston:  Troy Hahn
Taylor Mill:  Ben Hahn
Wesley:  David Oliver