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Glory Sighting: UMCFood Ministries!

posted on July 09

UMCFood Partners with Cincinnati YMCA and WEEK of HOPE Mission Trip to provide over 2,000 meals in one sitting!!

UMCFood served over 1400 lunches and 700 snacks to the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati Field Day at UC Stadium! With the help of Week of Hope Group Mission teams stationed at Trinity UMC, we prepared lunches and snacks for over 2,000 that day!

UMCFood even got a shout out on the big board at UC Stadium!

UMCFood recognized for it's partnership with Covington Housing Authority during the fire displacement

On June 30, 2018, UMCFood was recognized along with many other community organizations for their help in supporting the residents of Golden Towers after the fire displaced their residence. UMCFood received a plaque in honor of their ministry to the residents.