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Ideas for Churches Doing Ministry during the Pandemic

posted on March 26

Best Ideas We’ve Heard So Far…
Pastor and Lay Leader/Sunday School Leaders
  • Daily Devotion (Pastor, Lay Leader, or others)- All Call, one to one, other means available (2 Minutes), Send out new Upper Room, and/or Sunday School Books
  • Scripture and Prayer Time Online (Lay Leaders, other)
  • Mid-Week Bible Study or Sunday night Study (Pastor, others, connect into time with other churches)
  • Educate yourself and others on use of electronic system i.e.… zoom, online call systems, messaging, FB, email, traditional mail, phone, other. Use resources provided by the conference and reach out to others with specific expertise
  • Members checking on one another-use or re-establish the prayer tree and make a shorter version for your more vulnerable folks to be called more frequently
  • Increase card ministry
  • Pray in Place at specific times for specific needs
  • Post photo of group events enjoyed in the past. Times when the church family came together. Reminder that we will do this again. 
  • Use the leadership team to help you expand the communication. This will help keep folks on the same page as to realistic expectations for your schedule.
  • Raise awareness, we will be in this for more than 2 weeks
  • Send acknowledgement of gifts immediately – because our audience is expanded with on-line worship, there is a possibility of gifts we might not normally receive.
  • Check heat settings in the building and visit the building weekly to check for vandalism, leaks, and do a thorough walk through.
  • Check kitchen for food items that may have been left from when worship last happened and toss out accordingly.  
Children’s Ministry Team
  • Send worksheets, Bible materials and a personal note to children in the congregation by mail or email.
  • Remember: kids don’t fully understand their new normal of no play dates, school, mom and dad maybe both home, no trips to grandmother’s house, money or food concerns.
  • Look for ways to be creative in offering opportunities that require 2-way communication.
Fifth Sunday for the Methodist Hone for Children and Youth
  • It’s this Sunday (March 29, 2020) and critically important not to miss because there are only four Fifth Sundays in 2020!               
Food Ministry
  • Make it known no child in NKD should be hungry. Contact the church and put folks in touch with local schools and with UMC Food site and other local distribution locations.
  • If volunteers are available, offer to get food for vulnerable members of your church and community and drop them off at their front door.
Community Information
  • Contact the local radio station – brief announcement of how the church is available, where and when to find service.
  • Post a notice on the church door, who to contact and how.
  • Connect with groups and organization and update them on what’s available from your church.
Communicate success! Announce via calls, newsletter, FB how your church is being the church outside the walls.