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Northern Kentucky District LACE Coming Up!

posted on September 23

The Northern Kentucky District will be offering LACE 101 in two parts on October 26 and November 16 at Asbury UMC in Highland Heights. Rev. Susan Jinnett-Sack will be leading both sessions. LACE 101 is designed to teach and equip people to be servant leaders in their church. The focus is on instilling confidence to lead in the layperson's own church.  After these two days of classes, participants will qualify as a Certified Lay Servant. 

Alternative workshops will also be available for those who have already completed LACE 101, or who simply desire to expand their knowledge and understanding without seeking a Lay Servant designation. The alternative workshops are open to both clergy and laity. 

October 26, morning:
 “Love Them, Don’t Leave Them: Bridging the Millenial Gap in the Local Church”
Rev. Renee Jennings
October 26, afternoon:
“Casket Empty: God's Plan of Redemption through History - 66 books...90 minutes”
Denise Wallace
November 16, morning:
“In God We Trust – Learn how to put your money where your mouth is . . . Or, 3000 year old wisdom for today's shopper”
Rev. Ted Beam
November 16, afternoon:
“Relational Discipleship: A Wesleyan Model for Small Groups”
Rev. Jim Fant

Each day will be $10, which will cover the cost of lunch. Childcare will be provided, but you must register at least a week ahead of time to let the district know how many children will be there. 

Registration and refreshments will begin at 8:30, and the sessions will run from 9 AM to 3 PM with a break for lunch. 

To register for October, please go to this link:



To register for November, please go to this link:


Rev. Susan Jinnett-Sack

Asbury United Methodist Church
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