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Outreach before the Advent Season

posted on October 18

The Advent/Christmas season is one of the most attended times of year in the church. Even people who don't usually go to church will often find a Christmas Eve service, a "Blue Christmas" service, or maybe a Sunday morning cantata to attend.

One of the important things to think about in October and November is how to get the word out about your church services during Advent and Christmas. Don't assume that it's too early to invite people or that people will automatically know what your church is offering.

Here's some ideas for outreach:

1) Outreach cards that can be tucked into gifts and donations that your church makes. If you have a food pantry, a card should go in every bag. If you go out and serve in the community, take some cards to hand out. They don't need to be bigger than a business card - just make sure they have the church name, address, service times, and website for more information!

2) Create Advent or Christmas-themed postcards to mail out in November. Since these are larger, they can contain more information about special services your church is offering in December.

3) A personal invitation by a church member knocking on a door can let people know that they're welcome at your church. Door hangers can be left if no one is home.

4) Put up flyers in businesses and places around town for any special services. You never know when someone might be inspired to come hear a Christmas cantata or needs the quietness of a Blue Christmas service.

5) Make sure your website and social media (Facebook, Twitter) is up to date with service times and announcements. People are more likely to go online than call if they have questions.

Getting them in the door is an important step in helping people find a welcoming and loving church home. Feel free to share your ideas by emailing us at commnkydist@gmail.com!