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UMCFood is hiring for the summer!

posted on March 12

UMCFood is hiring for the summer! We have several AMERICORP slots to fill. This is an opportunity for public service for college students, which looks great on your resume. It is also a wonderful way to help alleviate childhood hunger in our area. 

These positions pay an average of $10-12 in a living stipend and an additional $1200 as an educational stipend to be used for any educational need at a college...including living expenses!  This puts the total hourly stipends at between $14 and $16 per hour...great pay for college summer work!!  You must achieve a minimum of 300 hours during the summer to access the educational award.
To apply, go to this link and make sure you indicate UMCFood is the chosen location.

Here is the link

Rev. Dr. Larry Karow


Latonia, KY