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Vine & Branches Serving Others!

posted on March 12

This past weekend, Vine & Branches (the UMC campus ministry at Northern Kentucky University, led by Rev. Renee Jennings) travelled to Swansboro, NC to serve people who still need help with home repair after Hurricane Florence. They were joined by the UMC campus ministry at Eastern Kentucky University, led by Rev. Brandon McGinnis. 

Here's what Rev. Renee had to say before they left: 

We leave on Saturday morning for Swansboro, NC. I think we are going to be the first teams out on these sites. This is an area right on the coast, so they were hit pretty hard by Hurricane Florence. We are looking to do some mucking out of homes (how many months later and the preliminary work still isn't finished in some of these homes), as well as beginning interior repairs and some roofing.

According to our UMCOR contact in the area, over 19,000 homes in the area are FEMA declared. UMCOR has care of 30-40% of those cases. If I did my math right, that's between 5700-7600 homes. We will begin work on the 1747 homes that are in the FEMA step program.
We ask that you be in prayer for our mission team - students from Vine and Branches are teaming up with a group from EKU Wesley Foundation. We leave Saturday morning at 9 am from the Treehouse and will get back the following Saturday evening.

Be in prayer for:
Renee, Aaron, Jeremy, Barbara, Karen, Michaela, Andrea, Kayleigh, Hayden, Abby, Samantha, Sam, Selina, Cayla, Deron, Emily, Kelsey, Nathan, Paul, Sami, Sierra, Madison, Brandon, Connor, Haley, Wil, Olivia, John, and Nick.